In Culture We Trust

Inspiration –  

Listening to Terence McKenna talk about trust. Why it’s so hard to trust ourselves and the world as a whole. Felt relevant given the ongoing status of “fake news” & ever growing acceptance of ballshit as a socially acceptable form of communication.

Mindset – 

Why is it so dam hard for me to fit into the way the world works? Why does it bother me so much?

In Culture We Trust

Terence McKenna once said, “culture is not reality, it’s just mass accepted hallucination”. I think about this a lot.

I have always struggled with the cultural way of the world. It’s never ever made sense to me. The way cultural rules seem to decide huge directional decisions in our lives… and how people just accept this. The social status decided when you are an adult, the course of who & how we should love & what is “legitimate” within love, how we should speak, what success is, what is cool.. it goes on.

Don’t think for yourself, just wait for the green light.

Then you add the most frightening layer – when culture is made into law & dictates whom we can legally persecute.

If you stop to think just how many laws fit into this category right now, it’s actually frightening. I would like to blame this misuse of law making power for my underlying anarchist tendencies, but it would leave me with little grounding since so much of the way society works is wrapt up in abiding to this social norm.

What it really makes me wonder is what ever happened to respecting our ability to understand and know, what we feel, what we need, and how we want to exist in the world?

What ever happened to our divine gift to actually choose our own individual experience? If we had complete ability in the use of this gift of choice, would we still choose what society and culture has enforced on us? Do I even trust myself enough, to exist free of the constructs of culture? Is it even possible to do so?

This topic always leaves me with far more questions than answers, humbled by how little I know of myself and the basis of my own actions. It shows me just how much more I need to dig through the way I am, to uncover that which is inherently me, separate to that which has been enforced upon me and implanted in me though exposure to a construct of cultural norm that I never actually chose to make my own in the first place.

If you would like to listen to Terence speak on this topic click here.