Inspire Me

Some things that help me find to a greater sense of love and kindness in my life.

The Moth – Story Telling

I listen to this podcast, to remind me of how beautiful it is to be human, how perfect it is when you mess up and how messy it is when you try too hard not to. People really are wonderful most of the time.

Books that I love

Below are some of the books that have really changed my life, in profound and powerful ways.

The Art Of Learning – by Josh Waitzkin

I both read and listened to this book. I go back and listen to chapters of it often and feel like it will be a book I will reference for life. Among other things, it completely changed the way I take in, process and use new information. You can purchase it here

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu

A book of philosophy by an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. Written in the 6th Century BC, it sometimes feels impossible how relevant it is today. This is a book you never stop reading. You can purchase it here.

The Women That Run With The Wolves – Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The definitive guide to all things woman, told through the ancient tribal stories handed down trough generations of women before us. It is a deep dive into the psychology of the wild woman and what it means to be free and embodied with your femininity. The stories are amazing and profound and it often feels like you are sitting fireside, listening to a wise elder share some wisdom. You can purchase a copy here.

Direct Truth: Uncompromising, non-prescriptive Truths to the enduring questions of life – Kapil Gupta

For the unique individuals that are looking for more than a “how to” guide to life. In fact, it’s for the unique individual who finds how to guides insulting and patronising. In a time where identity is political and truth is bent depending on need, this is a great book on the principles and fundamentals of a life lived in relationship with all that is real. You can find a copy here.

Bill Mollison – Permaculture, A designers Manual.

Bill Mollison had a beautiful mind. His inquiry into what makes a regenerative ecology and how humans can build and design them are groundbreaking and deeply interesting. This is a book about designing sustainable human settlements. If you have any interest in being part of the solution to building a world thats regenerative, sustainable and humane this is a good place to practically start. Learning about regenerative systems helps you recognise the difference between decisions you make that are extractive and those that are regenerative, it helps you to see what’s true and fundamental. You can get a copy here.