I like to create things.

Some basic details:
– I have founded 5 companies
– I studied Philosophy & Finance
– I’m passionate about learning & humanity in general

– I’m deeply interested in the human condition, humility & how we find & live our truth.




Working with me

Over the past eighteen years I have created, built, operated and advised a broad range of companies over many industries.

Consulting with organisations and working with their leaders on finding their voice, marketplace narrative, culture, values and approach has been my core focus in recent time.

I am currently working with teams as a leadership coach & program creator with a focus on how to cultivate an environment that breads humility & honesty and personal satisfaction as a part of high performance.

I like to combine theory on human behaviour, deep experience of human decision making, motivations and direct commercial experience into actionable specific advise and potential new ways to approach and solve problems with high performance environments. The programs and advice is client specific, not pre created, so I focus on the very specific individual needs of each client. 

I focus on creating an environment where leaders choose to embrace authentic humility, personal truth, human centric team solutions and internal culture. Often solutions are one on one programs across whole teams. I take a vastly different approach to the usual tips, tricks and 5-step plans of leadership advice and create new programs based around specific needs and circumstance. 

For me this work is not about scale (working with as many people as possible), it’s about deep focus and quality. My approach is sincere, serious and professional.

I am interested in working with companies and people making a difference and creating change. If this is you, please send me a note here to start a conversation.


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