I like to create things.

Some basic details:
– I have founded 5 companies
– I studied Philosophy & Finance
– I’m passionate about learning & humanity in general

– I’m deeply interested in the human condition, humility & how we find & live our truth.




Working with me

Over the past eighteen years I have created, built, operated and advised a broad range of companies over many industries.

I interested in theory on human behaviour, human decision making, psycholinguistics, desire, and new ways to approach and solve problems by using the incredible research being done in AI to help us better understand who we are. 

I’m currently focused on how people choose to embrace authentic human behaviours such as humility, personal truth, empathy & kindness. I’m working on technology in and around this space. 

Connecting with new people has always made my life richer & interesting so if you are  into making a difference and creating change, seeking deeper understanding through technology, making art and using any available means to understand humanity a little better then send me a note here  and lets start a conversation.


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