I’m currently consulting and working on projects in technology and how people connect & build meaningful, culture changing, categories through communication, community & connection.

I’m also a partner in The Makerpad Fund



Melissa has built her own path as an entrepreneur and has a disposition to seek out opportunity and create. She has created a career as a founder and co-founder of successful startups with a foundation of education in philosophy, finance, ecology and technology.

She has founded four companies focused in industries such as finance, food and consumer goods. More recently she has acted as a trusted advisor to other founders in the area of strategy and growth.

Personally Melissa is curious about the authentically human aspects of all things. How we make sense of the world, how we make decisions, how our identities are formed and how we can live in the world with deep agency, sovereignty and freedom.

Melissa is interested in exploring topics such as art, philosophy, poetry, permaculture, complex systems, metapsychics, possibility, Ai and ethics & how they all play a role in a more sustainable future.

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Connecting with new people has always made my life richer so if you are into making a difference and creating change, seeking deeper understanding in your life through technology, making art or using any available means to understand humanity a little better then send me a note here  and let’s start a conversation.

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