I’m currently focused on becoming a better communicator, both in written and spoken form.

I’m researching authentic human behaviours such as humility, personal truth, empathy & kindness. I want to understand, how and what lead to us understanding. 

I think innovation has a branding problem. How to communicate big ideas, new ways, better futures and pathways forward. Not aspirations, but real actualities. They need to be understood and trusted  by more people, so they can be implemented and embraced.  

This is why i’m investing in becoming a better communicator. I want to be part of the bridge between innovation and the people who can benefit from it most.




Melissa has walked the untraditional path, in education and career having achieved in both outside of the traditional systems. Building her own education in philosophy, science, ecology and technology as well as her own path as an entrepreneur, she has a disposition to seek out and create.

She has founded multiple companies and acted as a trusted advisor in the area of building things that solve real world problems. She has worked in industries such as finance, food and consumer goods, always with a focus on how to create sustainable, regenerative solutions.

Melissa’s central interest is how, as individuals we make sense of the world, we make decisions, how our identities are formed, the impact of time and structures on these aspects of humanity and how our feelings and emotions fit into these aspects of our experience. How as individuals, we can live in the world with deep agency, sovereignty and freedom as a foundation to co-creating a regenerative collective sustainable society.

Melissa has personal interest in exploring topics such as art, philosophy, poetry, permaculture and biodynamic systems, metapsychics, possibility and ethics.

Connecting with new people has always made my life richer so if you are into making a difference and creating change, seeking deeper understanding in your life through technology, making art or using any available means to understand humanity a little better then send me a note here  and let’s start a conversation.


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