I’m currently working on projects in technology and how people connect & build meaningful, culture changing, categories through communication, community & connection.

I invest in companies that are making an impact.



I’ve built my career as an entrepreneur. I have founded three companies solo, and one as a co-founder in industries such as finance, sustainable food systems and consumer goods (fashion). I’ve sold a few of these also.

Being a founder and creating something from nothing is an incredible experience and in so many ways a kind of school of life. As much as I’ve learnt about business, I have also learnt about people, relationships and myself.

More recently I have acted as a trusted advisor to other founders in the area of strategy and growth.

I would describe myself as curious. My friends would describe me as obsessively so. I’m currently curious about the authentically human aspects of all things. How we make sense of the world, how we make decisions, how our identities are formed. I think a lot about how I can create more ‘net positive to nature’ kind of impact in the world.

I’m always interested in art.

A question i’m thinking about – How do you build a digital community that last more than 100 years?
(for example, like a built city)

– – –

Connecting with new people has always made my life richer so if you are into making a difference and creating change or making art send me a note here  and let’s start a conversation.

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