This is Crypto

This is Crypto is a new program that I have created to assist people who are new to the ecosystem to understand the foundations of the technology and build a foundational & contextual knowledge of all things Crypto

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There are only three real barriers of entry to get into Crypto. If you are reading this, you have already passed two – internet connection & a smart phone or computer.

So the only barrier left is understanding.

This understanding can be split into three key section – What and why & how.

This is Crypto is focused on the What and the why, so that, when you go out and investigate the how – you have some context. Imagine if you had even a fraction of the insight of the potential of mobile phones, or the internet, before they achieved mainstream popularity. Now is that time in blockchain technology.

It is only the beginning and you are early.

You listen can to a sample for the program here:

A short introduction for the This is Crypto program

Why did I create this program?

I’ve been in crypto for 5 years – in the past 6 months i’ve spent time hanging out & listening to a heap of “new to crypto” peps – & realised they all had something in common.

  • a gap in knowledge of the big picture context of the broader crypto space & why it exists.

So what does this mean..?

Getting into & understanding crypto is a little more than setting up a metamask wallet & trading alt coins & buying an NFT.. . There is a whole world out there, with different ecosystems, utility & opportunities..

But where to start?

How will crypto live up to its promise to change the world if no one gets it? To answer this my program focuses on 4 sections

  • Technology – Get clear on the tech
  • Ecosystems – Understand the core segments and layers in the space
  • Utility – DAO’s, Daaps, Protocols, Tokens, Coins & NFT’s
  • Culture – Punks, Socks, Apes, White papers & maximalists!!

The details:

Cost: $20

Commitment: 3 hours total time investment

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