Clarity & Sovereignty

Inspiration –  “The truth is not simple it’s just profoundly clear” – Forrest Landry


Sovereignty is a deep seeing and honouring of what’s true and real within us.

It’s freedom of compassion, of empathy & creativity. The ability to make sense of the world and live with agency over our thoughts, choices & actions.

Whatever path you are walking towards your sense of self being, in whatever way that is working for you, is a kind of evolutionary path to increasing your individual sovereignty. It is a journey inward away from the conditioning that keeps us small to an enabling of  the larger, ever emerging potential of who we are.

The personal freedom to no longer be the protagonists of the movie of (your version) of the world, so you create one where you are alive to the joy of replenishing the natural ecosystem you live in.

The freedom to stop playing your life though the filters of a win/loose game and simply start living. Creating. Replenishing.

Others can help us be sovereign by helping us remember who we really are.

By helping us see past what we have identified with as us, so we can see through to the foundation of us, that of our truth and potential.

Even when we are aware of our identity filters, we often fall into the trap of wanting approval or behaving in a way that seeks out the reaction we want from others, to elevate our mood or status in line with them. In these interactions we often maintain and sustain a limited self. Trying to present the version of ourselves that gets the reaction we want, but it’s always at a cost of being heard, seen and ultimately the potential for a real connection.

What ends up happening when we behave and make sense of the world from a perspective that is disconnected and limited, is we lose our way.

If we want to be in continuity with others, we first must be so with ourselves.

If we want to change the reaction, we must change the action.

If we want to change the expression, we have to change the root.

Individual Sovereignty is the root. The founding path to building an interior ecosystem of continuity. So, each individual has the founding capacity, wisdom and vision to create an ecosystem that is inclusive, replenishing and set’s others up to thrive.

As Forrest Landry said. “The truth is not simple it’s just profoundly clear”, learning what the truth is, starts with gaining a clarity of self.




1. With respect to the word truth – I have taking an excerpt from Forrest’s website to explain how we use it in this context. You can read further about this here.
Truth is more than “that which one can consider” (perceive) with total confidence, clarity, and certainty.

Truth is that with which one can personally act with total confidence and effectiveness. Truth is not so much about correctness in thinking as it is about the significance and efficiency of choice. It is not so much about perceptual certainty as it is about expression with clarity, effectiveness, and confidence.

One knows truth as much through the process of feeling as through the process of thought. It is only when both feeling and thinking are used together that one may know Truth.

2. If you would like further reading on defining the concept of human sovereignty you can find some here

Brett Whitley – Self portrait in the studio 1976

Whiteley’s tiny mirror self-portrait reflects the influence of Eastern art in his portrayal of man as merely part of a larger landscape. However, this painting also hints at a darker side, as Wendy Whiteley explained in 1995:

… he was warning himself and other people watching. It was the cage of his interior, his addiction, the window or a glimpse of possible escape into paradise: the escape from one’s psyche.

This painting won the Archibald Prize in 1976 and was acquired by the Art Gallery NSW in 1977.